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Serving the FM Area since 2012

Serving the FM Area since 2012

Serving the FM Area since 2012Serving the FM Area since 2012

Serving the FM Area since 2012

Serving the FM Area since 2012

Serving the FM Area since 2012Serving the FM Area since 2012Serving the FM Area since 2012



Happy at Home Pet Sitting is owned and run by Teneil Hoepfner, who is an insured professional pet sitter in the FM area.  Teneil offers a wide variety of services, including feeding/potty break visits, dog walks, and so much more!

About Us


Teneil is the owner and operator of Happy at Home Pet Sitting.  Teneil was previously the manager at Natural Pet Center in Fargo, ND.  She also oversaw their cat adoption and volunteer programs.  Teneil is a supporter of local rescues and is a former member of the Red River North Dog Obedience Club.  She has also been a foster mom to cats and dogs that are waiting for their forever homes.

With a degree in Practical Nursing in 2002 from Minnesota State Community and Technology College, she is extremely qualified and prepared for any needs you loyal pet(s) may need!

Why hire a pet sitter?


A professional pet sitter can offer a great deal more than merely providing food and water for pets.  A good pet sitter can provide pets with individual love, attention, and care.

By maintaining a pet's routine in their own home environment, pet sitters provide security and comfort.

Extra attention to those special senior and injured pets who may need medication or extra care is one of the many benefits of having an in home pet care specialist. 

Pets are happier and experience less stress at home.  A pet sitter can reassure that things are not only ok at home, but are also just a phone call, text, or email away.

Exposure to disease is minimized in comparison to boarding.

Diet and exercise routines are uninterrupted.



In-Home Consult

This is a complimentary visit to get to know you and your pet and their needs.  If a key is needed for entry, it should be available at this time.  The visit typically occurs close to the first reservation for pet sitting, and usually lasts 15-30 minutes.

Daily Visits

Each visit is catered to your pet's needs which include:

  • Potty breaks
  • Dog walks and playtime
  • Kitty playtime
  • Feeding and refilling fresh water
  • Scooping the litter box and cleaning any accidents that may occur
  • Administering any medications that your pet may need including pills, liquids, injectables, and subcutaneous fluids
  • Bringing mail and newspapers in, and keeping an eye on your home
  • Making sure that your pet is comfortable and healthy while you are away

Small Pet Boarding

Boarding is now available for small pets.  This includes aquariums, terrariums, birds, and exotics.  For more information, contact Teneil today!

Cat Boarding Room

Teneil is now providing boarding for cats in her home.  Please check out the pictures below to check out the cat boarding room! 

  • Your cat(s) will enjoy a 11 x 11 bedroom space all to themselves with a beautiful view for bird watching.
  • Making sure that your pet is comfortable and healthy while you are away.
  • Everything is included EXCEPT: Food- you must bring your own food.  Medication- if your pet is on medication (including pills, liquids, injectables, and subcutaneous fluids), it must be provided on time of boarding.  

Other services offered

Teneil also offers rides to in town appointments your special pets may need!

  • Vet appointments
  • Grooming appointments

Responsibility of pet owner to have payment on file at preferred clinic or be reachable by vet clinic for payment and medical wishes.  Pet sitter is NOT responsible for payment.


Please respond immediately if you need to cancel a reservation. NO refunds are available once visits have started.



"I found Teneil, of Happy at Home Pet Sitting, by referral from another pet sitter two years ago.  I work full time as a veterinarian and I have a 15-year-old Australian Shepherd who is the love of my life.  I felt that it was too stressful for him to take him to work everyday.  However, he needed to be walked during the day.  I needed someone reliable and compassionate to take care of my old man when I could't.  Teneil has been an absolute life saver.

I also have an 8-month old baby.  So, my life can be quite chaotic.  On multiple occasions, she has filled in last minute when unforeseen situations came up.  She cares for both of my pups with love and compassion.  And, most importantly, they love her!!!  Rain or shine, she is at the house and giving my dogs the time and attention I cannot.  There is no one I trust with them as much as I trust Teneil.

Soon my family is moving out of state.  I am broken hearted to lose Teneil, and I know my dogs are too!  I highly recommend her without reservation.  She is trustworthy, dependable and absolutely wonderful with your furry family."

  - Liz Dalzell, DVM

"I have known Teneil for more then seven years, and I have been lucky enough to have her care for my pets and my children through out those years.  She is wonderful , responsible, caring, and an intelligent person - who I trust 150%.  Teneil is always smiling and ready to take on any task.  My dogs love to see her and I know they are in wonderful hands when she is watching them.  When my family is out of town and she is pet sitting I have no concerns and know my animals and home are safe with her.  I feel very lucky to know her and I highly recommen her services."

  - Kish, 4 Luv of Dog Rescue - President

"Teneil has been coming into our home for several years now to care for our three cats whenever we are out of town.  Feeding our cats is a complicated process, to say the least.  They are all portion/meal fed at specific times of day.  One of them is extremely shy and will hide (and therefore not eat) for days while we are gone.  Teneil has handled this challenge exceptionally well.  On our last trip out of town, Teneil even got the shy kitty to eat every meal!!  Teneil pays attention to all the little details involved in the care of our gang.  I am a "seasoned" veterinarian with a passion for all felines - big and small. We travel frequently to Arizona, where my husband and I volunteer at Keepers of the Wild - an exotic animal sanctuary, that cares for nearly 200 animals with 22 of them being big cats.  It has given us great peace of mind to know that our three cats are being well cared for by Teneil while we are off taking care of their really big cousins."

  - Carol J Kurtyka, DMV

"Teneil had been my employee for over seven years at Natural Pet Center.  She is very responsible, caring, and knowledgeable person, which is why I promoted her to store manager in 2012.  I not only felt safe trusting her with caring for my buisness while I was away, I also feel safe knowing she will take excellent care of my two dogs and two cats.  I know she will care for my pets as her own, and I am comfortable by the fact that she is knowledgeable enough to spot a problem before it happens.  I am not only loucky have had her as an employee, but also as a friend and caretaker for my pets.  I highly recommend her services."

  - Michelle S., Natural Pet Center - Owner

"When the doctors told me I had to have heart surgery one of my first thoughts was 'who's going to  walk my dogs?'  I would not be able to do it myself for a couple of months and these are strong, active dogs that need their daily exercise.  I needed someone to keep a schedule and who would know how to  protect my dogs from irresponsible people and their dogs.  Teneil filled the bill! She was always on time, developed a relationship with my dogs, and listened to my concerns.  I could let my dogs go with her knowing they'd be safely back on time, every time.  I can't thank her enough!"
 - Michael P.

"I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Teneil for many years.  She has been a great asset to my life because I often need someone to come in and watch my pets on short notice and she has always made the time to accommodate me.  Also, she is someone I feel comfortable with giving my pets  medication when required which can be difficult to find.  I couldn't be happier with Teneil and Happy at Home Pet Sitting."

  - Tina H.

"We have two cats and they are the love of our lives.  When my husband and I have to be out of town, we turn to Teneil.  She has the best in-home pet-care service available!  We know that with her, our two "kids" are getting all the love and attention they need and deserve.  There's an accountability with Teneil that we haven't found with anyone else.  She's reliable, has extensive experience and is amazing with animals, sets aside playtime each time she visits, and she even gives us updates everyday on how our  babies are doing.  One time when we were out of town, BOTH of our kids had an upper respiratory infection and she was able to administer their meds no problem (which, for anyone who's had to do this with cats knows how hard it can be)!  Her extensive experience with animals is incredibly reassuring; I know we're leaving them in amazing hands! Teneil is the best; she takes care of our cats as if they were her own, which is why we turn to her every time we go out of town!"

  -Dana & Adam H.


Want to set up an in-home consultation? An appointment is just a call, text, or email away!

Telephone: (701)793-2411

Email: Teneil@happyathome-fm.com

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It can be stressful to board your pet. If you have any questions or concerns about how we make your pet's home away from home, please reach out. We will get back to you soon!

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