Happy At Home Pet Sitting


 Happy at Home pet sitting is an insured pet sitting business serving the F-M area.  Teneil  wants to make sure that your pets are comfortable and happy while you are away!  

 The Gallery below shows some of the purr-fect customers that Teneil serves in the  surrounding area!


"Teneil has been coming into our home for several years now to care for our 3 cats whenever we are out of town. Feeding our 3 cats in a complicated process, to say the least.  They are all portion/meal fed at specific times of day.  One of them is extremely shy and will hide (and therefore not eat) for days while we are gone.  Teneil has handled this challenge exceptionally well.  On our last trip out of town, Teneil even got the shy kitty to eat every meal!! Teneil pays attention to all the little details involved in the care of our gang.  I am a "seasoned" veterinarian with a passion for all felines - big and small.  We travel frequently to Arizona, where my husband and I volunteer at Keepers of the Wild - an exotic animal sanctuary, that cares for nearly 200 animals with 22 of them being big cats.  It has given us great peace of mind to know that our three cats are being well cared for by Teneil while we are off taking care of their really big cousins."
      - Carol J Kurtyka, DMV

"I have known Teneil for more then 7 years, and I have been lucky enough to have her care for my pets  and my children through out those years. She is a wonderful, responsible, caring, and intelligent person  who I trust 150%. Teneil is always smiling and ready to take on any task. My dogs love to see her and I  know they are in wonderful hands when she is watching them. When my family is out of town and she is  pet sitting I have no concerns and know my animals and my home are safe with her. I fell very lucky to  know her and I highly recommend her services." 

  -Kish, 4 Luv of Dog Rescue President

 "When the doctors told me I had to have heart surgery one of my first thoughts was 'who's going to  walk my dogs?'  I would not be able to do it myself for a couple of months and these are strong, active  dogs that need their daily exercise. I needed someone to keep a schedule and who would know how to  protect my dogs from irresponsible people and their dogs. Teneil filled the bill! She was always on time,  developed a relationship with my dogs, and listened to my concerns. I could let my dogs go with her  knowing they'd be safely back on time, every time. I can't thank her enough!"
-Michael P.

 "I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Teneil for many years.  She has been a great asset  to my life because I often need someone to come in and watch my pets on short notice and she has  always made the time to accommodate me.  Also she is someone I feel comfortable with giving my pets  medication when required which can be difficult to find.   I couldn't be happier with Teneil and Happy at  Home Pet Sitting."
          -Tina H.

 "We have two cats and they are the love of our lives. When my husband and I have to be out of town  we turn to Teneil. She has the best in-home pet-care service available! We know that with her, our two  "kids" are getting all the love and attention they need and deserve. There's an accountability with Teneil  that we haven't found with anyone else; she's reliable, has extensive experience and is amazing with  animals, sets aside playtime each time she visits, and she even gives us updates everyday on how our  babies are doing. One time when we were out of town, BOTH of our kids had an upper respiratory  infection and she was able to administer their meds no problem! (which, for anyone who's had to do this  with cats knows how hard it can be!) Her extensive experience with animals is incredibly reassuring; I  know we're leaving them in amazing hands! Teneil is the best; she takes care of our cats as if they were  her own, which is why we turn to her every time we go out of town!"
           -Dana & Adam H.

eneil had been my employee for over seven years at Natural Pet Center.  She is a very responsible,  caring, and knowledgeable person, which is why I promoted her to store manager in 2012.  I not only felt  safe trusting her with caring for my business while I was away, I also feel safe knowing she will take  excellent care of my two dogs  and two cats.  I know that she will care for my pets as her own and I am  comforted by the fact that she is  knowledgeable enough to spot a problem before it happens.  I am  lucky not only to have her as an employee but also as a friend and caretaker for my pets.  I highly  recommend her services."  
        - Michelle S., Natural Pet Center - Owner

 "I have used Teneil's services many times and I might add that I have a little more difficult dog than    most.  I have always been very happy and satisfied with her home visits and what's important is my dog  likes her too!  She always leaves a detailed report of the visit which is an added bonus and along  with her  very pleasant and professional manner, I highly recommend her."
      -Ruth S.

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