Happy At Home Pet Sitting

 Happy At Home Pet Sitting is owned and run by          Teneil Ahonen who is an insured professional pet  sitter in Fargo.  Teneil offers a wide variety of  services  including  feeding/potty break visits, dog  walks,  and so much more. 
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 Questions? Want to schedule an in-home consultation?  
telephone: (701) 793-2411
email: teneil@happyathome-fm.com

Why hire a pet sitter?

 A professional pet sitter can offer a great deal  more than merely providing food and water for  pets.  A good pet sitter can provide pets with  individual love, attention, and care.

 By maintaining a pet's routine in their own home  environment, pet sitters provide security and  comfort.

 Extra attention to those special senior and  injured pets who may need medication or extra  care is one of the many benefits of having an in-  home pet care specialist.

 Pets are happier and experience less stress at  home

 Exposure to disease is minimized in comparison to  boarding

 Diet and exercise routines are uninterrupted

 Reassurance that things are ok at home is only a  phone call, text, or email away.

Do You...

 Need to plan a vacation and wondering who  could look after your pets?

 Work all day and have limited time to walk your

 Had an unexpected emergency and do not have  anyone who could care for your pets on short  notice?

 Have pets with special needs that cannot be left  alone overnight?

 Teneil can provide to your pets needs in times of  unexpected emergencies, to those frequent  travelers, and vacationing families!

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